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How to order

If toupee business, pls contact us directly, send the email to us: info@toupeehair.com


How to order the Customized order

You can Create your order form base on below prompt:

Order Form:

A> Your name:

B> Your email:

1> Base type: tell us our toupee serial number from our product web page:  http://toupeehair.com/product.html, if there is no base you need, you can describe your base type for us

2> Base size: let us know your base size, or sent your template to our address

3> Hair style:  

                                                 P.S.: "freestyle" is the most popular, the hair can part and direction or brush back

4> Hair texture: Human hair: Indian hair, Chinese hair, Brazilian hair are available

                           Gray hair: human hair, Synthetic and human hair are available 

5> Wave&curl: pls visit our wave chart

6> Density: pls visit our density chart

7> Hair length: regular hair length is 4"-6", if you want long hair, pls advise us

8> Hair color: New Image Color Ring for men, Hairpiece color ring for women, if highlight color or special percent gray hair, pls advise us; or you can send hair sample to us

9> Front contour: pls visit our contour chart

10>Special instructions 

      A>Lace whether bleach knots (bleach to invisible knots)

      B>Front scalloped (skin front available)

      C>undervent (thick skin or poly coated are available)

      D>If full cap wig, need the 6 exact measurement, pls click here




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