Stock super thin skin toupee STS

Stock super thin skin toupee model number: STS 694090035518;711221288817

Stock Super Thin Skin toupee specification

Base type: All super thin skin
Thickness: 0.04mm-0.06mm
Base size: 8"x10"
Hair texture: similar European hair texture Indian remy hair
Hair style: Free style
Wave&Curl: 3.0cm slight wave
Density: 100% light to medium density
Hair length: 6"
Front contour: A
Hair color: any color is available according to New Image Color Ring
Type 1: All V-looped (invisible)
Type 2: Front 1/8" V-looped (invisible), Other area is tiny knots

Type 1 is natural than Type 2, because Type 1 is all v-looped invisible knots
Type 2 is a little durable than Type 1, because Type 2 other area is tiny knots

Useful time: 
Type 1: 
6-12 systems per year
Type 2: 3- 4  systems per year

We can supply 2 kind of super thin skin---
Type 1 and Type 2, any color is available base on New Image Color Ring
Skin thickness is super thin 0.04-0.06mm, very natural, there is without knots, skin is transparent, it is difficult to discover you wear the toupee
The hair texture is very good quality, similar as the European hair texture

type 1 invisible front hairline

type 1 invisible vlooped skin base

type 2 front hairline
type 2 tiny knots skin base

super thin skin hair replacement


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